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Cute Honor to Michigan
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Attractive, good quality earrings. I bought a pair for me in the lower penninsula and one for my son's girlfriend in the upper penninsula so we could share a bond. She represents the upper, and me the lower. She (23yrs old. said she likes them).

Can't Wait to wear it
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I just got this yesterday and tried it on. It feels super cozy and I LOVE the blue color with the neon green trim. Even the guy I work with commented that it was sharp. I almost kind of glad it's getting cooler at night here in MI so I can try it out soon.

Special Memories
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I loved that I could add sand from the Island I live on and some of my dad’s ashes too.

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About us

Livnfresh isn’t just our name it’s our lifestyle

Dave and Cari Samalik have been screen printing shirts for over 20 years in beautiful Northern Michigan. Starting in college Dave quickly realized his passion in life. “Why be like the others when you can be fresh?” “The little details make the difference.” The love they have for the outdoors and the gift they have for screen printing together have created the ultimate in design ideas. They know that many others have the same love for their state that they do, and wanted to share this with others. These ideas gave birth to the LIVNFRESH brand. Family orientated designs of your state getting out there and enjoying life and what it has to offer, golfing, fishing, biking, camping, hunting and so much more on the highest quality apparel. Dave and Cari take pride not only in their state but also in the quality of their products, they want to make sure that the quality of their products exceeds the expectations of their customers.


“Michigan isn’t just a state it’s a lifestyle and the same goes for every state! We all have such pride for our home state, we are all connected, even in this diverse world. When you see a stranger wearing your favorite state design and walk up to them and strike up a conversation because you have something in common. That’s just awesome! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?”


Livnfresh designs products as unique and outgoing as our customers. We pride ourselves on living the lifestyles our designs promote. Get out and enjoy YOUR home state and express your love of being active in LIVNFRESH high quality fashion apparel.

Livnfresh isn’t just our name it’s our lifestyle. When you think of living fresh think “LIVNFRESH”

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